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Photos By Amaze

Increasing Portfolio Website Speed and Enhancing User Experience

JINT helped Photos-By-Amaze increase its portfolio website speed to 98% based on googles pagespeeds leading to an increase in website visits of up to 5000 per month

About The Client

Photos By Amaze, former Halisee Imagery is a Kenyan based photography company situated in Nairobi, that specializes in portraits, events and real-estates photography.

The company was founded by an amazing photographer who has mastered the art and has had the privilege of taking photos of prominent people like business persons and politicians, and companies including but not limited to Red Cross and AirBnB.

The Challenge

The company wanted a portfolio website that would display its images in high resolutions to the visitors making them appear as crisp as possible while maintaining fast web-browsing speeds.

On top of a simple and elegant website design that would strongly highlight it’s work(images) to the viewers, the company also wanted specific navigation system for the website that would necessitate easy movement across the images. Not sophisticated features that would deter the visitor’s focus from it’s work.

After trying the DIY (do it yourself) approach and trying out a couple of WordPress themes and web-hosting services, the owner was not getting the desired outcome.

An image is worth a thousand words, how it’s displayed makes 500 of the words.

“Tim Karu..”

The Approach

The first thing JINT did was to optimize the website in its initial state: the hosting environment and the theme it was using. It was clear that the hosting environment was not suitable for this particular project hence we needed to migrate the website to a different host.

When it comes to WordPress theme, the current one had many restrictions which could not allow some custom functionalities that were essential for the features needed by the owner.

After migrating the site, we realized the need to start the project from scratch. JINT built an entire custom WordPress theme for Halisee Imagery called “Photographers Delight”.

Halisee Imagery wanted precise looks that would help the users view the images while still upholding the brand quality.

The Outcome/Results

The outcome was a beautiful portfolio website that looks great across all devices (laptops, mobile phones, and tables). The images were high res which looked crisp on all devices.

The navigation allowed site visitors to view images in their full view from the onset, without moving to other pages.

The layout allowed visitors to view the images while maintaining the brand, and still have an awesome easy to use navigation system as shown below.

The Speed Optimization Outcome

Before taking the project, the site scored between 15 – 20 based on Google’s PageSpeed Insight for mobile and 40 – 45 for desktop. The target score is 90 – 100 with 0 – 49 being ranked as poor, 50 – 89 needs improvement and 90 – 100 as good. JINT was able to optimize the site to 80 – 83 for mobile and 91 – 96 for desktop.