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Arabia Yacht Shipping

Improve Online Presence And Implement Responsive Design

JINT helped Arabia-Yacht-Shipping company to improve their online presence by redesigning the site to be mobile friendly

About The Client

Arabia Yacht Shipping arranges worldwide yacht shipping for all sizes of yachts for yacht owners, boat builders, yacht charter companies, and yacht buyers.

To complete it’s shipping services, Arabia Yacht Shipping includes customs clearance at import and export as well as transport insurance to its package.

The Challenge

There was need for a different appearance online. A website that looked good and was responsive as well (looked good on different devices – mobiles phones, tables, and laptops)

The more devices your website can adapt to, the more people you can reach!!

“Tim Karu..”

The Approach

JINT built a custom website from the ground up. The website design was minimalistic and super stylish.

Some of its attractive features include different designs for different pages giving a unique feeling as user browse through.

The Outcome/Results

The outcome was a responsive website that looks great across all devices. The website also incorporated a secure form where customers in need of a quote could fill. The form captured most fields necessary for the customer’s requests.


There was an elegant design for displaying news blocks.


Mobile/Tablets Screenshots

The screenshots below show how the webpages adapt smoothly to both mobile and tablet gadgets