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Bimini Brokers

Showcasing Products Online With Confidence

JINT helped BiminiBrokers to showcase its yacht-products and prices online with their features via a custom semi-Ecommerce site.

About The Client

Bimini-Brokers offers multiple services within the yacht industry, including but not limited to the construction of yachts, management of yachts, yacht charter and yachts sales.

Bimini-Brokers was founded in 2001 and has successfully completed hundreds of projects in over 40 countries, facilitating the transactions of countless clients, and their families, with their personalized sea experiences.

The Challenge

Bimini-Brokers wanted a very specific website design reminiscent of their brand and product niche which was not available within theme shops.

On top of that, they wanted a feature (slightly similar to e-commerce features) that allows them to put their yachts info online thus clearly communicate the features and quality of their yachts catalogue to both new and returning site visitors. Bear in mind, their products (yachts) are not ordinary products, like electronic gadgets or computers, which you would find ready-made software that would handle these details, hence it needed to be custom.

Visitors had to have the ability to search the yacht catalogue against their specific feature needs.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

“Ralph Speth”

The Approach

JINT together with the owners of Bimini-Brokers conducted some research on other websites inside and outside of the same market to understand unique features and designs that we can borrow that will fit well with the yacht business sector.

We were able to identify what specific “Looks” and “Designs” would go well with Biminibrokers brand.

For the yachts, we identified ways of highlighting the strong features to visitors. It is said that images are worth thousands of words, so on top of words, we came up with a design that would use images to showcase the inner and outer parts of the yachts for those visitors who don’t like reading much. Further we added a feature where videos could be used to showcase items or scenarios that can’t be captured by pictures or words.

The Outcome/Results

The outcome was a responsive website (looks great across all devices), with elegant fonts suitable for that market niche. Most of the images were high res with the ability to showcase yachts details in depth. Due to many pages, a classy drop-down menu which made navigating to the entire site a breeze was developed.

Based on the specific yacht features, JINT came up with a stylish search tool that allows visitors to search for very detailed features they want from a yacht.