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Maintenance Service

Jint’s maintenance service covers the following:

  1. Backups and restores (when need be)
  2. Plugin updates and fixture.
  3. CMS – Content Management Software updates.
  4. Security monitoring and enhancements.
  5. 24/7 live website guarantee.
  6. Removing and fixing dead links.
  7. Some UI recommendations.

Plugin Updates and fixtures

24/7 live website guarantees

Websites can be inaccessible for various reasons, including but not limited to a problem with the server, an attack, or an error on the site that may be caused by a faulty code that was recently updated, or a problem with a plugin or the entire CMS.

At JintInspired, we have tools to ensure your site is live 24/7 so you do not need to worry about it. Once we notice the problem, we contact you with the necessary next steps to get it back on track. If the problem is within our maintenance docket JintInspired gets it fixed.

Removing and fixing dead links

Sometimes, because of the nature of edits and the creation of posts, links tend to not get updated and may end up pointing to posts that either do not exist or have been moved. This can be detrimental to your site in a couple of ways. Firstly, users who were used to a particular link may get disappointed seeing it leads to a dead end or a page not found. Secondly, search engines can rank you poorly seeing links that used to work are not working any more.

JintInspired’s maintenance package seeks to address this issue. Clients who subscribe to the package have their websites checked during every maintenance to ensure all links are functional. Once a dead link is found, it is removed, or you, the client, gets informed so as to make sure the mistake gets fixed in a timely fashion. This service is crucial especially when you have a website with over 50 internal links distributed all over your website. It is adamant that all these links function as expected.