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Customer Service Policy

How to best address your needs


As a company, JintInspired endeavours to give its clients the best services possible. Because of this, JintInspired has policies that help set the right expectations for the clients. This document contains these policies.

Email Response Policy

Unless otherwise stated, all emails regarding subscribed services sent to JintInspired will be responded to within a span of 24 hours.

Refund Policy

Any projects overestimated will be refunded or will reflect as a reduction in price in the next project the client undertakes with JintInspired.

Website Maintenance Policy

Maintenance service offered by JintInspired will be payable on a yearly basis.

For new clients, before any website maintenance service is accepted, an assessment service is done to ensure that it has not fallen victim to any harm that falls on websites including but not limited to bugs from hackers and broken links. This helps identify any need for repairs as early as possible. This is an exception if the website was built by JintInspired.

Clients that have not renewed their maintenance services for more than 2 months or 8 weeks (whichever comes first) from their last maintenance will be categorized as new clients.

Clients wishing to unsubscribe from the maintenance policy should change the security details to the website’s login area (backend) to maintain accountability.

Issuing a Complaint

As a company, JintInspired welcomes all complaints as such, is a great source of feedback. To issue a complaint, send the complaint with the subject <<Complaint for…your complaint>> to info@jintinspired.com. JINT will acknowledge the complaint within 48 hours.

Payment and Service Rendering Policy

Due to the costs incurred while utilizing JintInspired’s available resources in following up on payments, you must pay all payments for any service in full or on the agreed down payment before Jint renders any service.

Page updated on: 30th December 2022