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Do I Even Need a Website

Does one need a website is a tough question for both business persons and individuals. In this article, we will help demystify this question. Hopefully, by the end, it will not be as hard of a decision as it appears to be.

By the end of this article, you will get pointers that will help you know whether you need a website.

Reasons why people need websites.

  1. Global audience

A website is a reasonable way (cheap and fast) to communicate what your business is all about. Through a website, you can reach those who are far away from your reach. You can reach people whom you’ve never met using a website.

  1. No missed details

You need not be afraid of whether you have told the right or all of the details to your potential clients. If they visit the website they can get as much information as they want. They can also choose what info they need.

Also, you can regularly update your content in a single place and many will get the updates.

Example: Imagine a school that has all details regarding admissions, fees, courses etc. having all this information on a website will make sure they have not missed critical details. The website will also make sure that the information is accurate.

  1. Ease of marketing. Social Media inclusive

With a website, people and systems can market for you. Think about it, how many people visit social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In etc. With a website, they do not need to keep asking you for your details via phone calls. It can be really tiring explaining to like a hundred people what your business is about.

From social media, traffic can move towards your website with just a click.

Next to social media, people with your business cards or brochures can have a place to go for more if you have a link to your website therein thus reducing the headache of phone calls.

  1. No officeOnline office

There are some individuals who do not have a physical address. A website can help people reach you who do not want to reveal their contact details like phone numbers. Through the website, they can send you their queries or questions via the contact us form. Ever heard of the phrase your website is your online office?

Example: a freelance photographer who works from home can showcase their work and details on a website.

  1. Showcasing your work (products or services).

Websites are a good place to showcase your work. If say you are a photographer, a designer, a hairstylist etc.. a website will give you that opportunity to show others what you have been doing. This should not be limited to the mentioned fields, any other field, be it teaching, carpentry etc.., you can put your works in form of case studies and show the world how you can help them. Check out my work page to get an idea of what am talking about.

Websites like E-commerce help business owners showcase their products and visitors will have ample time to go through as many as they wish for.

  1. Gives a sense of being legit

Before anything else, having a website does not mean a business is/is not legit. Now that that is out of the way, let me ask, how many times have you heard of a brand or a company and gone online to see if it exits? When you did not find it, what did you think? If your answer to the last question is that you did not believe the business was legit, then that could be a reason for needing a website otherwise no.


Hopefully, this was helpful. In a few, the contents of this article will be updated to reflect instances where you do not need a website.